What We Do

Provides content marketing services and peripheral solutions

Heartshaper Asia provides content marketing services and peripheral solutions
to people and companies seeking to maximize its digital marketing dollars in the
Philippines and the rest of Asia.

We have recognized the key role that content marketing is playing as it has become
a trusted tactic to increase and build website traffic, generate leads, and create a
loyal customer following.

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Content Marketing Strategy

  1. Define your target audience & develop an indepth understanding of their problems and buying questions
  2. Figure out the best way to solve your audience’s problems
  3. Become a trusted source of information for your target audience
  4. Develop an online presence that contains relevant content
  5. Make it easy for your audience to transition from learning from you to buying from you

Heartshaper Asia leverages content marketing, PR, SEO and social media components, together with mobile content strategies to create powerful, cohesive campaigns that affect your ROI.

We fill-in the gaps that content marketers need such as:

  • Content and ghost writing
  • Tactical blog postings
  • Infographics, white papers, case studies and e-books
  • Viral videos and webinar presentations
  • Online to offline activation

With Heartshaper Asia’s niche blogazines, we have filled the gap of providing a ready-made host for all types of content from our clients. Currently numbering 8 blogazines, Heartshaper Asia’s SEO-friendly content sites allow faster transmittal of messages and ideas to their intended audiences. What we did was to pre-target specific niches from entrepreneurs, professionals, foodies to health and sports buffs and serve them content that they like, thus making it easier for clients to talk to them. We set the stage, they listen.

Our blogazines

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Entrepreneurship, technopreneurship, startups, digital marketing



Foodies, Restaupreneurship



Health and wellness






Gadgets, games, hobbies



Global Filipino


Executive Chronicles

Corporate executives



Photography enthusiasts and professionals


Most small to medium size businesses have trouble finding the time to actually do everything it takes to maintain good SEO, Social Media and even Email marketing because they have to create content. Heartshaper’s integrated capabilities enable us to recommend and develop content that elevate brands and fill sales pipelines.

To complete our offerings in helping you achieve a 360-degree digital plan, we can “appify” your sites and attach a marketplace to both your web and mobile platforms. This completes an end-to-end solution to realize ROI on your business.

As you can see, we do the heavy lifting while you sit back and enjoy the show.