In 2016, This How Digital Marketing Will Change [Infographic]

Check out these eight predictions about what marketers will focus on in the new year and how technology will create changes in digital marketing, according to the following Signal infographic.

One change is that “improved people-based marketing options will give advertisers flexibility and control,” predicts Signal.

“In 2016, marketers will feel increased pressure to solve challenges like getting a clear view of the customer cross disparate data sources, connecting the past to a customer’s intent, and demonstrating attribution and ROI,” Signal states.

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Endorsements, Reviews, and Astroturfing: New FTC Guidance for Marketers

In 2015, the Federal Trade Commission released new guidelines that directly affect many marketers and advertisers, especially those that engage in affiliate marketing.

The previous time the FTC published guidelines related to endorsements and reviews was in March 2013, when the FTC released its updated .Com Disclosures.

In May 2015, the FTC updated its Endorsement Guides, covering issues such as making disclosures in close proximity to affiliate links, buying Likes, and providing incentives in return for tweets; it also required disclosures in consumer reviews.

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Why you shouldn’t snub LinkedId for your marketing strategy?

Revolutionizing how people approach social networking sites, LinkedIn is unique in the sense it becomes the hub of career-oriented and enterprising individuals. This is the site where B2B (business to business) and headhunters find gems happen. With this, how will your profile stands out among others to market your brand?

LinkedId serves as a job hunting site for some users, but apparently entrepreneurs also use it to inform other companies and businessmen about their existence.  Though creating Facebook fan page is still the popular one, a company’s profile on LinkedId projects different tone.   Diana Kucer, the director of global product marketing for LinkedIn, shared on Inc that networking is an art and should do with purpose.

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7 Common Mistakes Marketers Make

When you have worked as a UX consultant for 15 years and counting, you fix a lot of mistakes.

In this article, I’ll cover seven mistakes that I come across regularly, and I will include simple strategies to help you overcome them.

If you decide to fix even one of the following mistakes, you will see better results for you and your business.

Important: Don’t try to solve all of the mistakes at once. Pick the one strategy that your team or organization will be most receptive to. Help them get used to doing things a different way, and seeing the benefits, before moving on to the next one.

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Moving Into Management

Transitioning into a new role can be a bit of a challenge. Tons of adjustments have to be made as you take on a new title, especially if you are young or see yourself lacking in skills and unsure of what you should expect about what lies ahead.

The same can be said about a new manager. More often than not, new managers assume their new roles without fully understanding what they are embarking on and what is required of them: a change of mindset complemented by an advance set of skills. What companies have then are managers who lack confidence and are hesitant to assert their leadership.

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10 Cool Ways Great Leaders Stay Calm

The ability to remain calm under pressure is a massive predictor of success. In this article, originally posted on LinkedIn Pulse, I provide 10 strategies you can start using today.

The ability to manage your emotions and remain calm under pressure has a direct link to your performance. At TalentSmart, we have conducted research with more than a million people and found that 90 percent of top performers are skilled at managing their emotions in times of stress in order to remain calm and in control.

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Do You Have A Viable Freelancing Career for this Year?

Freelancing has been earning its popularity among employees because of its numerous benefits. But, just like any other option, it also has its disadvantages such as working day and night, constantly proving yourself to the public, and financial-related concerns.

Today, companies both big and small have begun shifting their marketing budget to the Internet upon realizing the advancements it can do for them. Further, this trend presents new challenges and opportunities alike for marketing professionals, and so does the demand for digital marketing courses to give their expertise an upgrade.

With the increase in the number of individuals taking on freelancing jobs, is your freelancing career still viable for 2016? To ensure profitability of your chosen path, specializing in online marketing might just be your best decision yet.

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3 Tips to Keep you Motivated with your Financial Goals

The misconceptions about wealth creation are most likely rooted from the values we learned inside our circles. Perhaps a friendly neighbor once shared that “money is evil” or someone from your clique think that don’t bother to work because they have rich parents.  Thus, you’ll only realize the importance money management when you experienced financial crisis or if you decide to seek education.

Contrary to some claims, there educational institutions that already teaching about entrepreneurship, economics and marketing even in elementary or high school.  It just that most students think that money management is another subject they need to pass. So the motivation is not there, only theories and information about the basic. It’s also irrelevant for many  to think about entrepreneurship and investing if they’re already conditioned that they only is to finish their study.  To graduate is equal to get a better job and high salary, right?

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3 Top Lies They Told You about Making Money Online

Are you thinking of breaking through the internet and make money online?

Surely, there’s a great potential of making a fortune from online based businesses. However, some think that the cyberspace is a scary place to make a business too.

Below are the three lies that you must be aware when making money online:

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The Disconnect Between Marketing and Creative Teams

Marketers vs. creatives: each group’s view of its own performance is rosier than the other’s view of it, especially regarding the delivery of final content that meets expectations and the provision of actionable feedback, according to a recent report from Visually.

The report was based on data from a survey of 220 marketers and 559 creatives (defined as writers, designers, and developers who create content for marketers).

Some 68% of the creatives surveyed say they succeed in delivering content that meets expectations. However, only 46% of the marketers surveyed say the creatives they work with consistently develop content that is up to par.

On the other side, 55% of marketers surveyed say they are good at giving actionable feedback, whereas only 36% of creatives say they receive high-quality feedback.

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