About Us

Heartshaper Asia empowers digital marketers in Asia to churn out creative communications through content marketing endeavors, strategies and opportunities.

Heartshaper Asia is a pioneer and Asian leader in content marketing. Since we started, we have advanced the soundness of so-called digital 360 campaigns helping clients seamlessly integrate the right content with SEO and social media in their strategic plans.

Well-informed Customers buy from people and businesses they trust

Content marketing espouses the credo that the more customers know about a product or service, the more they become loyal buyers and eventually spread their preferences through word-of-mouth.

At Heartshaper Asia, we enable companies to get to the heart of customer triggers in the digital space. We leverage on the power of viral messages and ideas that are contained in consumable content across social networks both online and offline.

Our various techniques and technologies can increase reach and track ROI, as well as influence buying decisions.

The Power of Content Engagement

Together with our partners, Heartshaper Asia has produced more than 5,000 content reaching over 45 countries that have reached more than 12 million audiences.

In the Philippines, where Heartshaper Asia is based, the heart of its public content platform are its blogazines — magazine-styled blogs — that reach more than 3 million unique visitors.


Our blogazines have averaged 8 unique page views per visitor and have stayed on-site for an average of 12 minutes per visit. These mean that our titles have captured a unique base of loyal and raving fans who have shared our niche content to others. Thus, accelerating the effectiveness of our clients’ campaigns.

We have integrated our success strategies into our clients’ marketing plans and have seen their campaigns succeed across various fronts in the digital space and beyond. Besides digital platforms as SEO and social media, our engaging content marketing strategies have gone into out-of-home and into mobile apps — thus, pushing measurable ROI into their 360-degree media efforts.

We want many more to benefit from our learnings.