Banner Ads

Banner Advertising has captured website user’s attention for many, many years. Where other online advertising platforms have changed with different implementations, the traditional banner advert has remained a standard that doesn’t get old. If you’re new to this platform, check out how to make your adverts stand out.


We’re used to seeing graphic designed adverts in the papers and animated video commercials on the TV, so the combination of imagery and animation is a good option for capturing online users’ attention.

Banner advertising makes people aware of things that they might miss otherwise. Imagery is a powerful medium. 39% of people clicked on a banner advert because:

  1. It showed a product they were already interested in.
  2. It sparked their interest in a product they hadn’t previously considered.

Relevant adverts are great way to send traffic from one page to another. 60% of LinkedIn users have clicked on an ad on the site.

Many studies claim users are becoming blind to the traditional banner advert, but in my opinion, cleverly designed, relevant banner adverts will capture a user’s interest and click.

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